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CPT (Certified Production Technician) Course (80 hrs Online/20 hrs In-Person Meetings, Holiday Office) Total Cost $50

Monday, March 18, 202412:00 amMonday, May 27, 202412:00 am

Join us for a Certified Production Technician training course online, with some in person meetings at our Pasco County facility, 4606 Darlington Rd. Holiday, 34690. The first intro meeting is March 18th from 6-7pm at the Holiday Workforce Innovation Training Center. 80 hours are Online and 20 hours include In-Person meetings and testing time. This is a Pre-Apprenticeship course.

All participants who successfully complete the CPT Course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

PLEASE NOTE: Your credit card billing address must match your home address. If you are using someone else's card please add their address to the registration and make a note of what your local home address is. Please make a note of your actual home address.