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Justyn B.

Justyn B.

My name is Justyn Bowes and I am 19 years old. The first time I had heard of this program was in my high school engineering coarse and I jumped on it right away. I was accepted into the group at the Hernando AmSkills site, I even ended up with the familiar face of my engineering teacher Mr.Fry.

In the first couple years, one of which I was still in high school for, we learned a lot of the basics of hand tools, machining, and mechatronics applications. This helped me greatly in finding a sponsorship from a company close by, Accuform. But until then I had a very difficult time finding a job the conventional way i.e. filling out applications, talking to managers, and handing out my resume. No employer even gave me a call back because of a lack of job experience. Without the skills I gained from classes AmSkills offered I may have had to wait years for an opportunity to get into this career field.

In 2018, I transferred to a new company, Pharmaworks and became an official Apprentice. I have been attending more in a depth mechatronics training at AmSkills and I am more interested in it than I ever thought I would be. So far my favorite area has been coding for a micro controller using the c++ coding language. We are currently working on building and coding a robotic arm and I look forward to going further with our projects every time I show with all my classmates.

 I would encourage anyone interested in this career field to check out AmSkills for themselves, see what it has to offer for them, take some classes, and be open to new paths along the way to find out what they enjoy doing the most. That's what I did and I love it!