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Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Len W. Mortensen

June 8, 2018


     Thank you for your call.  It was good to speak with you this morning. 
We are on the verge of the next “industrial revolution”.  Your students are going to be at the epicenter of that movement. One educator to another, we must be the champions for those students who need, more than ever, an alternative to a college education.

     AmSkills has provided my Sons a new path to success.  They tried college and found it to be leading them in a direction they did not want to go.  They have enjoyed the work and skills they have been able to develop in the program.  The remaining piece is to find one of the companies that need a skilled workforce for each of them.  Chris and I had a good conversation about that the other day and I look forward to my Sons hearing from him often.

     Thank you for your work, foresight and long term planning for those who are not interested in a college educated job.   You are helping those with a desire for a career that is more hands-on and applied than theoretical in nature.


Sincerely yours,
Len W. Mortensen