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Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Christine Hanlon

I first learned of AmSkills on a Saturday night -- July 8, 2017 -- while listening to 970 AM talk radio when Tom Mudano was on speaking about AmSkills.  When I arrived home that night, I sent a message to AmSkills via their Facebook page.  I received an immediate response.  From there, we scheduled a tour about a month later with Melinda and Tom for my son, Dylan, and I to see their facility and learn more about AmSkills.  Dylan and I liked what we saw and learned, so Dylan then was enrolled to begin classes in September.  Dylan has been homeschooled for the last five years, and as such, AmSkills has been a nice addition to his education. 

Because I believe so strongly in the American Manufacturing Skills Initiative and see tremendous value in what they do and stand for, it's natural for me to support their efforts in our community and share that with Dylan.  For the first two weeks of Dylan attending AmSkills, he took a taxi to and from, because I work.  Then Dylan met Matt in the program, who also lives in Holiday, they became friends and Matt's parents would take Dylan to and from with them.  That was and continues to be a blessing for us and we're most grateful for it.  

Dylan enjoys going to AmSkills, and much to my surprise, he likes the more hands on machine, and he loves welding.  Dylan will be continuing AmSkills as he starts his second year in the Pre-Apprenticeship soon.  I think it's great that AmSkills uses an online program by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers - Tooling-U for tracking the students progress