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Adult Testimonials

Trevor & Ronal

Ronal had applied for a job with ABC Packaging, but did not have any manufacturing experience, therefore they referred him to the AmSkills Adult Pre-Apprenticeship Program in Spring 2019.  This happened to be the same program that Trevor was enrolled, after he struggled to figure out his life plan after graduating high school.  After exploring multiple career tracks presented during the AmSkills program, both men determined they wanted to become a CNC Machinist.  After attending a tour, Trevor and Ronal determined they wanted to work at ABC Packaging and both men were immediately hired full-time upon completion of the program, as CNC Machinist Apprentices.  Mike Reichert, Vice President indicated that this is significant for their company because they “have tried and failed numerous times to have an apprenticeship program, but AmSkills Apprenticeship Program brings structure, training and accountability; and without AmSkills, it would fail again.”