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Homeless Mother of Three

Homeless Mother of Three

Since AmSkills has been in operation, we’ve realized we have the opportunity to help many youth and adults who live in low income or impoverished areas.  For example, Nikki is an adult who participated in the AmSkills Pre-Apprenticeship Program in 2018 and was hired at a high-paying manufacturing job with full benefits after completing our 3-month program.  This was important to Nikki because she had been living in a homeless shelter with her three children for a year prior to joining AmSkills.  As a result of her completing the Pre-Apprenticeship, AmSkills assisted in her being hired at a local manufacturer with full healthcare benefits.  She was able to out of the homeless shelter and into an apartment where her children have their own rooms for the first time in their lives.  Nikki is proud to have launched a career in manufacturing and is now able to support her family.