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Adult Success Stories

Adult Testimonials



Harold – Hired as Sheet Metal Fabricator @ Pall Aerospace

“I would have to say my biggest takeaway from AmSkills would be how comfortable everyone makes you feel. No matter what your background may be or your level of education, they take the time to make sure every person understands what they’re teaching. For all those people out there, that are looking for a new career, come to AmSkills. If you are willing to do the work and apply yourself, you will have a bright and successful career.”

Harold, one of our current Pre-Apprenticeship students, came to AmSkills after moving from Illinois and finding our website. After reading testimonials from students explaining how AmSkills had changed their lives, he knew this was something he had to be a part of.  Harold was recently hired by Pall, the largest manufacturer in Pasco County and is a potential Apprentice Candidate