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Adult Testimonials


Alex Grew

Alex Grew

Alex Gerwe is a 26-year-old former Army man who found AmSkills by accident. But it was the best kind of accident. “I thought I was going to a job fair, but when I showed up, it was the first day of AmSkills training,” explained Alex. Fortunately, even though he had missed the deadline for signing up, AmSkills staff worked with him and he was able to start training that day. 

Getting to the AmSkills training facility was not easy for Alex, because he was walking up to 3 miles to and from home, each day; but he knew that in order to succeed, he has to make sacrifices. Fortunately, AmSkills staff helped him make his journey a bit easier. When they learned that Alex was walking to and from the program each day because he didn’t have any transportation, they worked with a local nonprofit group to have a bike donated to Alex and helped him to get reduced rates for bus service.

Alex is a self-described “techie,” so all of the AmSkills training programs sounded appealing to him. That’s why Alex decided to pursue training in mechatronics and possibly machining (CNC) after completing the AmSkills Adult Pre-Apprenticeship Program. “By utilizing my technical experience and the skills I learned at AmSkills, I’ll was able to enter the job market ready to succeed.”

As a result of Alex successfully completing the Adult Pre-Apprenticeship Program,  AmSkills helped him to secure a job at Oscor, inc. in Palm Harbor, Florida where he is being considered for a future Apprenticeship.

“If not for AmSkills, I think I’d probably be working at McDonalds or some other low-paying job,” said Alex. “I’m so glad I found AmSkills.”