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Josi's Story

Josi's Story

Unfortunately, many women never consider a career in the manufacturing industry because they are unaware of the opportunities available to them.  The fact is that women are manufacturing’s largest pool of untapped talent. Our hope is that women will be inspired to familiarize themselves with the industry through our Pre-Apprenticeship Program and eventually become the next manufacturing leaders. Josi is one of those women.  She decided to enroll in the AmSkills Adult Pre-Apprenticeship Program at the encouragement of her son Eric, who was participating the AmSkills Youth Pre-Apprenticeship.  Josi had lost her job and he knew she was struggling to find a career she enjoyed.  Josi never really considered a job in manufacturing, but found it very interesting learning from him.  With Eric’s encouragement, she decided to take a chance and join our Adult Pre-Apprenticeship Program.  Within weeks of completing her pre-apprenticeship, AmSkills found her a full-time job at a local manufacturing company.  She also found a mentor in AmSkills staff member Melinda Paproski, who is a Welder/Metal Artist with 15 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry.  Melinda continues to coach Josi as she launches her new career.