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AmSkills Pre-Apprenticeship


The Florida Registered AmSkills Pre-Apprenticeship Program is the core program of AmSkills designed to train youth and adults the foundational skills needed for the manufacturing industry, provide an opportunity for them to explore up to five manufacturing career tracks through 80% hands-on training and projects. The program is operated as if the students are attending work requiring them to clock in/out, submit time off requests and work in and workshop that mirrors a manufacturing setting. 50% of the Pre-Apprenticeship focuses on the foundation skills needed to work in the manufacturing industry and the other 50% of the program allows students to explore five (5) career tracks.  AmSkills coordinates tours to multiple local manufacturers during the Pre-Apprenticeship so that they can see for themselves what the real-world job looks like and to be exposed to a variety of manufacturing environments.  The primary goal of the program for the student is to provide hands-on training, career exploration and tours to help them determine which is the best career track for them; and for AmSkills to assist manufacturers in “vetting” potential candidates.  AmSkills does not guarantee job placement, however candidates who successfully complete the program may be offered jobs or Apprenticeships from manufacturers that have partnered with AmSkills.

AmSkills is providing an alternative to adults (18+) who are unemployed or underemployed, looking to start a career. The adult program curriculum is the same as the youth pre-apprenticeship focusing on teaching foundational skills and exploring five advanced manufacturing career tracks.  The program is conducted during weekdays and after the completion of 400 hours (12 weeks + 90-OJT) they select what career path they want to pursue; AmSkills prepares them for the job interviews, schedules interviews for them with local manufacturers and coordinates their hiring.  Once hired, and during the first 90-days the student has the opportunity to become an Apprentice Candidate at those manufacturing companies that offer Apprenticeships.