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Adults (18+ years)


Adult Pre-Apprenticeship Program Day Classes

The AmSkills Adult Pre-Apprentice Program is   designed   to   replicate   a   real-work environment with 80% hands-on training. Pre-Apprentices must clock-in and out, meet attendance goals, participate in team building exercises and complete hands-on projects.  

The Pre-Apprenticeship Program allows students to learn foundational skills needed in the Advanced Manufacturing industry and to “explore” the top local career tracks needed including Machinist (CNC), Tool & Die Maker, Mechatronics, Electronics and Industrial Maintenance.  Based on their interest, skill level and instructor assessments, adults and veterans who successfully complete the pre-apprenticeship program have the opportunity for job placement within four to six months.

Hands-On Skills Training “Pre-Apprenticeship” (400 Hours)

  • Apprentice Candidates explore three AmSkills Apprenticeship tracks
  • 80% Practical Hands-On Projects / 20% Theoretical
  • Tours of local manufacturers to assist in Career Track Decision
  • Competency skills tests on technical and soft skills

Foundational Skills include:

  • Basic Tools
  • Standard & Metric
  • Intro to Career Tracks 
  • Manufacturer Tours
  • Manual Lathe & Mill
  • Intro to Welding
  • Fabrication & Assembly
  • 3D Printing Design & Build 
  • Projects in Electronics, Pneumatics & Hydraulics 
  • Preparing for Job Interview:  Create Your Resume, Interviewing Skills, Mock Interviews
  • Soft Skills: Teamwork, Presentation Skills, Ethics in the Workplace, Time Clock Tracking

           Cost is $3,530.00 for 12 weeks.  All materials for class are included in price.