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Advanced Courses


  • Our Machining course prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to operate Manual and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tools including lathes, mills, precision measuring tools, and related attachments and accessories in order to perform machining functions such as cutting, drilling, shaping, and finishing products and component parts. Students will have the opportunity receive up to 11 NIMS certifications.

    Session 1: Intro to Machining

    1. NIMS - Measurement, Materials & Safety
    2. NIMS - Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout
    3. NIMS - Drill Press

    Session 2: Manual Machining

    1. NIMS - Manual Milling
    2. NIMS - Turning - Between Centers
    3. NIMS - Turning - Chucking Part
    4. NIMS - Surface Grinding

    Session 3: CNC Machining

    1. NIMS - CNC Lathe Programming Setup & Operations
    2. NIMS - CNC Mill Programming Setup & Operations
    3. NIMS - CNC Lathe II
    4. NIMS - CNC Mill II

  • This program is based on the PMMI Mechatronics certification tests, which are nationally, industry-accepted, third-party credentials endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers' Skills Certification System.

    Class time: Saturdays 8:00am - 2:00pm

    Electricity Level 1:

    This course covers basic safety practices for voltages up to 600 volts and knowledge of voltage, current and power AC and DC circuits, circuit analysis of series and parallel loads, and basic understanding of resistors, capacitors, and inductors.

    Mechanical Components 1:

    This certificate covers the principles and applications of the most commonly found mechanical drive components as used in packaging machinery and systems. Topics include simple mechanical power transmission devices such as shafts, belts, chains, cams and gears with an emphasis on application and troubleshooting.

    Fluid Power 1:

    This course covers the function, operation, and application of common components used in fluid power circuits and systems. It also assess the understanding of how fluid power components and accessories are placed together to create circuits and systems for powering industrial machines.

    Programmable Logic Controllers 1:

    This certificate covers the principles and applications of different types of logic and programming used to control packaging machinery and systems. Topics include hardware and software composition of control systems, input/output interfacing, basic logic commands and common programming instructions.

    Motor & Motor Controls 1:

    This course covers the principles, application, troubleshooting and maintenance of rotating electrical motors and electronic motor drives as used in packaging, processing and other manufacturing environments. Topics include motor and drive safety practices; characteristics of 3-phase power systems; speed, torque and efficiency characteristics of various types of single and three phase AC motors and various types of DC motors; AC and DC motor nameplate specifications; means of starting and braking motors; DC electronics drives and AC variable frequency, and pulse width modulated electronic drives.

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