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Apprenticeship in the U.S. Featured on NPR: Diane Rehm Show

Tuesday, July 28, 2015-Robert Lerman, a U.S. apprenticeship expert of the Urban Institute, was featured on Nationally syndicated NPR Diane Rehm show today, Tuesday, July 28, 2015. Mr. Lerman, along with Thomas Perez, U.S. Secretary of Labor and Brad Neese, Director of Apprenticeship Carolina, discussed the benefits apprenticeship programs bring to local and national economies.

Here's a summary of what is discussed on the show:

A new push for apprenticeship programs is being embraced by politicians from all sides, from Republicans Marco Rubio and Scott Walker to Democrat Hillary Clinton, who recently proposed tax credits for companies who hire apprentices. U.S. Labor Sec. Thomas Perez is also pushing the government’s plan to provide $100 million in apprenticeship grants this fall. We look at the renewed call for apprenticeship programs, and how some say they address a shortage of skilled workers and the financial burden on young people today.

Listen to the radio show here!: The Diane Rehm Show: A New Push For Apprenticeship As A Path To Employment.

NPR: Diane Rehm Show

Bryan Kamm, Executive Director of AMskills, co-authored "The Skills Initiative: expanding in the U.S.-lessons from the German Dual Education System" with Mr. Lerman.

View and download the white paper here: View and download the White Paper