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Manufacturing Boot Camp

The Tampa Bay Works and AmSkills have partnered to create a 2-week Manufacturing Boot Camp that consists of multiple hands-on projects, blueprint and measurement reading, intro to soldering, attending tours of local manufacturers and obtaining an OSHA Safety Certificate. During the program, participants will also receive guidance in preparation for a job interview. All participants who successfully complete the Boot Camp will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be guaranteed a job interview on the last day! Those selected will have the opportunity to start work within two weeks! 


Are you a Manufacturer or Non-Profit interested in sponsoring/participating in our next Boot Camp in your area? Click the link below and let us know!

Mobile Workshop "Innovation Station"

The AmSkills Mobile Innovation Station (MIS) is a Mobile Workshop utilized to help change public perception of the Manufacturing Industry through engaging interactive, hands-on workshops and trade show style events. It is equipped with portable workbenches, chairs, tools and materials to conduct "hands-on" workshops directly for individuals facing employment barriers, offering them short-term certifications designed to teach them the foundational skills needed to start a career in the Manufacturing Industry. The Mobile Workshop is also equipped with two 50" x 10" LED digital display to promote or advertise events!


Interested in having our AmSkills team do a "hands-on" workshop or event near you? Request one by clicking below!

Special thanks to those who have helped AmSkills to launch the AmSkills Mobile Innovation Station and contributions to AmSkills!