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Manufacturing Bootcamps

Manufacturing Bootcamps

Has your company had difficulty filling entry-level or skilled positions? Ready to reduce your hiring costs? Find out what manufacturers have learned by participating in our Bootcamps

In 2019, Tampa Bay Works formed the Tampa Bay Manufacturing Collaborative with 20 local manufacturers to improve their talent pipeline. Manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin, Jabil, SMT and others identified the top skills needed for hiring good quality candidates and turned to AmSkills to develop a fast-track program. As the result, the Career Discovery Workshop & Manufacturing Training Bootcamp was developed.


What do participating manufacturers put into the Bootcamp?


  • Participating manufacturers must have a need to fill entry level positions
  • Attend the 1 day workshop
  • Participate in the 2 week Bootcamp
  • Provide a Lunch & Learn
  • Attend the final day closing ceremony and speed interview process


  • Provide facility tour
  • Sponsor event 


What do manufacturers get out of the Bootcamp?

  • Vetted candidates with training aligned to support manufacturers
  • Better qualified talent at lower costs
  • Stronger talent pipeline filled with local residents


If you would like to participate, please click the registration button below. If you would like to learn more please contact Jim Shedden - or mobile 727 331 3796

COVID-19 protocols will be strictly enforced including wearing face masks at all times, hand sanitizers (donated by Monin), temperature checks daily and more.