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AmSkills Apprenticeships

AmSkills is a Florida Department of Education Registered Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Program for 5 manufacturing occupations. Upon completion of the Registered AmSkills Pre-Apprenticeship program, eligible candidates can become Registered Apprentices while working in a paid job at the manufacturing.  Registered Apprentices are required by law to continue “related training instructions” at a sponsoring agency such as the employer, AmSkills or other vocational training schools.  The costs for that training are either paid for by the employer or other funding sources (i.e. Career Source, PMMI, etc.), therefore allowing the Apprentice to obtain a nationally recognized certifications and training with no college debt. 

Apprentice Related Training Instruction Programs and Employed Worker Training

Once candidates are hired after completing the AmSkills Registered Pre-Apprenticeship program, or if they are a current employee of a manufacturer, the manufacturer may determine a employee or candidate is eligible to become an Apprentice, which requires additional training.  In Pasco County, AmSkills provides the “Related Training Instruction (RTI) for all registered Apprenticeships at our Marchman Technical College location.  In addition, more manufacturers are enrolling their employed workers in AmSkills programs to help increase skills of their employees and or signing them up as AmSkills Apprentices.