Why should an American manufacturing company want to invest in an apprenticeship training program?

Three key reasons your company should team with AMskills:

  • Tailored training programs mean skilled, high quality and loyal employees who are prepared for a long-term career
  • Saved recruiting and liability costs thanks to effective screening, pooled training resources -- with apprenticeships occurring at training centers, rather than on company premises
  • Heightened corporate image, through long-term investment in American manufacturing workforce

Germany knows well the benefits vocational apprenticeships deliver. For decades, the German Mittelstand (the equivalent of the America’s Small-to-Medium Enterprises) has enjoyed robust growth even during a period of financial crisis. The Mittelstand contributes some 52% of the value added to the German economy, and employs a quarter of the nation’s employees.

  • 54% of Germany’s Mittelstand (SMEs), which employ 83.2% of the nation’s apprenticeship trainees, launched an innovation between 2008-2010
  • Germany’s Mittelstand boasts almost four times as many world market leaders than the USA (1307 to 366)
  • “The nation’s vocational training system is regarded as a model all round the world because it guarantees a high quality of training and helps to meet the growing demand for skilled labour in Germany.”  -- Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
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When you invest in training, you are not just investing in your company’s short, medium and long-term workforce needs. You are also investing in America’s advanced manufacturing future and your local economy. America is experiencing a vast skills shortage yet has a high youth unemployment rate of 12.2% (Jan, 2015). Apprenticeship programs open manufacturing companies to effectively screened candidates, and a steady influx of highly trained professionals, with reduced cost thanks to the pooled recruitment resources.

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