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The American Manufacturing Skills Initiative, known as AmSkills, is an industry-led economic and workforce development initiative. AmSkills delivers a high-tech, world-class, four-year apprenticeship program to Tampa Bay students seeking advanced manufacturing careers.

The first of its kind in the United States, AmSkills works with the German Embassy’s Skills Initiative and in collaboration with education, industry, and government to train the nation’s future manufacturing leaders — according to the business needs of quality product and precision engineering companies. AmSkills stands apart from other apprenticeship programs, with training programs offered by industry-certified instructors, rather than teachers, at goal-centered training centers, rather than company locations.

The executives of tomorrow are the technicians of today

An industry-led $2.35 M State and County-funded initiative, AmSkills brings together American and German companies and training partners. The goal: to build a strong manufacturing future for our nation. Education and training centers are located in Hernando, Pasco, and Pinellas counties, with training programs provided in conjunction with regional and international manufacturing partners.

Strengthening America's manufacturing workforce with business-led curricula

Learn more about AmSkills' regional manufacturing partner, Pharmaworks, and the internship programs available to college-age students today.

We are currently accepting applications! If you are a high-school student or a parent interested in learning more about the four-year apprenticeship, please Register today, refer to our Events page, or Contact Us with questions.

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European-style apprenticeships encourage international investment in the US

Skills Initiative

The AmSkills Initiative is part of a national campaign called the “German Skills Initiative” that has been officially endorsed by the German Embassy and the US Department of Commerce. The German Skills Initiative is being led by the German Embassy in support of the many German manufacturers located in the United States who have requested assistance in workforce skills development for their subsidiaries in the US.

Large, very well-known German companies like BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Siemens, Bosch and many others (known for quality products and precision engineering) all have manufacturing facilities in the US, as well as thousands of smaller German-owned subsidiaries located across the US in various states. Finding skilled workers in advanced manufacturing has been a long-standing problem facing German companies manufacturing in the US. The German Embassy and the US Department of Commerce have listened and replied to their requests to make the German-style apprenticeship program more available in the US.

Four accomplished AmSkills apprentices present a recently completed project.

While the US in now investing heavily across the country in building up apprenticeship programs, the German apprenticeship model has been in place officially since the Vocational Training Act of 1967, which mandated Government, Education and Industry to work together to develop nationwide standards in vocational training. Today, there are over 350 occupational standards with industry certifications and apprenticeship programs already available through the “German Skills Initiative.” Of these 350 occupational standards, there are 48 occupational certifications offering 4-year apprenticeship programs related to advanced manufacturing. Using these standards will help our country to develop strong apprenticeship programs in a much shorter time frame than developing each program from scratch.

The American Manufacturing Skills Initiative brings together government, education, and industry to agree on solutions for workforce development through apprenticeship training.

To learn more about the “German Skills Initiative”, please visit the link at the German Embassy website http://www.germany.info/skillsinitiative. Please Note: A new browser window will open and you'll be directed to a website not owned or maintained by AMskills.

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